Double Color 288Leds Strip light

//Double Color 288Leds Strip light
Double Color 288Leds Strip light2019-03-05T09:38:55+00:00

Project Description

LED Type: 3014 SMD  Double color
Color: Warm White/cold White
(can adjust the color tempreture,
achieve warm nature & cold white)
LED quantity: 288 LED / Meter
Operating voltage: DC12V
Viewing Angle: 120 °
Operating temperature: -20 to 50 °
Size: L500cm (5M) × W1.0cm x T0.25cm
Source life: > 50,000 hours


1.Ideal for decoration of building outlines, landscape illumination, amusement themes,

2.Holiday light sculpture, decorative figure, active signs, displays, shop windows

3.And storefronts, bar, nightclub, street, sidewalk, deck, park, porch, staircase, railing, ceiling, or driveway.

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