2812 144 led strip lights
5050rgbwww 000
5050rgbwww 000


PLS Co.,Ltd.  is a LED strip Lights manufacturer in Shenzhen China, and starts the LED business since 2004 originally. Kinds of LED Lights export to all over the word.The great engineers team who create more advanced products for the lighting market.

We produce  High CRI 2216 led strip light (CRI>95) , High density  Ultra bright 2835 led strip light(26LM/led and 240leds/meter),5050 RGBWWW  5 in 1  (5 colors in one chip),Dream magic led strips 2801 ic/2811 ic/2812  ic/6803 ic ………


About GT Ledlight


It is great to have an awesome resource of quality products and quality people. That is what you get at GTledlight. They are the, go-to-team, for all of your Led lighting needs. They have great websites, great chat resources, great assistance for answering all questions and great delivery. I hope to keep growing the led lighting aspect, of my work

Willie, United States
Anonymous, United States

When I needed a quality product for a customer, I checked out GTledlight. Of course, the market is flooded with vendors, but when you check reviews and quality descriptions, they fall short of what you want.You don’t want call backs from customers; For one, it’s a conversation that the customer doesn’t want to deliver and you don’t want to hear. Two; it is expensive to absorb.. the time lost, when you could have been making progress on another job. So, when I saw their quality products and great attitudes, I knew I had found the right supplier. The products, the service, the pricing, the delivery, ~were the perfect
package. GTledlight is the whole enchilada

Mark, United States


GTledlight Provide technical and service training to dealers, service engineers and operators to increase understanding of the led strip light and maintenance.


GT Co.,Ltd offers the best led strip lights to all customers ,Product Warranties:LED Strip Lights – 5 Years ,Desktop Style Power Supplies – 2 Years ,Mean Well Drivers – 7Years ,Controller-2years


The strong Engineer team can provide the whole solution within 24 hours by customized design  that what you can imagine, we put them into reality.